Frosted Treasures Entertainment Show by J&L™ Terms & Conditions

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You are required to accept our terms and conditions before you can complete your checkout.  The terms and conditions are posted for your reading and agreement with these terms and conditions.
Effective Immediately J&L Frosted Treasures will no longer approve refunds on any custom items: Including Ala carte Oysters/Pearls. We will exchange any custom jewelry or pearls that were shucked and revealed for you of equal or greater value.  We will continue, to always warranty or replace any custom work done should it break or discovered to be defective.

A custom item is just that it is custom personally to you, for a number of reason.  One the size of the ring, or inches needed for wrist size, length of chain.  The biggest thing is the custom pearl that is shucked and revealed for you.  That is then drilled by a jeweler for mounting on your custom piece of jewelry.  As stated above we will gladly exchange custom items, should there be a problem arise, our main objective here is your happiness and enjoyment of your jewelry and pearls.

Here at J&L Frosted Treasures we strive to make your whole experience with us great not just your purchase.

We have an excellent warranty policy on the items you will purchase with us, not from the time you order it, but from the time you receive your purchased items.

  Now let’s discuss briefly what is a custom item.  Jewelry that requires a mounting, setting, or sizing is considered to be a custom piece of jewelry.  Even the pearl that is revealed from shucking the oyster is a custom item specifically for you.  Once shucked it cannot be re-sold for the original price prior to it being shucked. At that point it is no longer a new item, it is now used.

Any questions regarding your items please use the contact us tab at the top, and send us an email & we will be more than happy to update you on the progress of your order.


Effective Immediately J& L Frosted Treasures will no longer give refunds on any custom items: Including Ala carte Oysters/Pearls.  We will always warranty or replace any custom work done should it break or is defective.

J&L Frosted Treasures 90 day warranty begins from the time you receive your item.  Most places warranty is from date of purchase, not here.  

We understand sometimes, strange things happen and again, we want to make your entire experience with us as pleasurable as it possibly can be. So if you lose a pearl in your first ninety days, we will gladly re-shuck one for you.  We cannot guarantee you will receive the same pearl as the one you lost, cause we simply don’t have that information prior to revealing the pearl in the oyster.  We also offer a free sterling silver chain with every cage purchase.

Our cage jewelry is either one of two types of material, 925 Sterling Silver or it is 925 Silver Plated over another metal, while we still warranty all our cage and chain items for 90 days due to any defect, breakage, or loss of pearl.  We simply cannot replace or warranty the plated pieces for tarnishing, because the plated jewelry whether it is chain necklace or a plated cage reacts differently to each customer’s skin acids and such why we recommend for heavy or constant wearing you purchase Sterling Silver items only.

Going to list some things about plated jewelry so you can take these things into consideration when making your purchases.  Silver Plated Jewelry is NOT to be worn constantly against a persons skin, it is not to get wet from showering or bathing, or heavy sweating while working out or playing sports. Do not sleep in plated jewelry or chains, again every persons skin acids and fluids are different.  I hope those things help you in making you purchasing decisions. For these reasons we cannot and do not warranty any tarnishing of plated items in the 90 day period.